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We would appreciate your support and great attention for the past years and hope that your family has the rich pleasure all the time.

These days we live in the society in which the safety awareness is yet highly promoted. Especially the socially weak such as the children, seniors, handicapped and women are exposed more than ever to danger; a great number of accidents regarding the safety constantly happen even now.

KASC is a non-profit organization seeking to build up better environment in order to pursue healthy human life and make our life safer and more comfortable. KASC, in the current society where the safety is disregarded, is making a move for injury prevention and other related activities through actions rather than words. We are actively engaged in researches, development and distribution of training curriculum, investigation of the actual conditions, education and campaign in order to ensure the protection from accidents and injuries with top priority.

We now take the lead in strengthening citizens' rights and interests of safety through wide activities and promise to be the safe and warm living keeper for safe life environment, especially for the social weak such as children, women, seniors, the handicapped, ultimately ensuring everyone's safety.