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  • CPR Campaign We conducted a safety campaign for community CPR base expansion and improve cardiac arrest survival rates to help keep my family and neighbors of life from cardiac arrest.
  • Campaign S·L·O·W To provide a social safety and safe for our children attending school road wise making the world's best school zones S·L·O·W campaign.
  • Nursery Safety Campaign Our children have a right to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. We conducted a safety campaign to raise the precious child care in peace my child and send.
  • Children School Bus Safety Campaign Reduce children's school bus safety incidents so that children can safely access the school bus and proceed to step five campaigns.
  • Building Confidence Playground Campaign Children's playground in the physical, cognitive and emotional development have made the most progress in the children's playground outdoors relief campaign so that children can play and run freely, creating a safe environment.
  • S·T·O·P Campaign Practice safety campaign to reduce traffic accidents caused by seniors!
    Seniors Traffic Safety Campaign S·T·O·P (Seniors Traffic accident 0 (zero) Practice)